Friday, 16 May 2014

Updates 05/16/14


To follow on from the last info with some Q & A.

Q: Why would Epic/Crytek etc. go exclusive when teh PS4?

A: Publishing reasons. Microsoft is extremely stable (no risks of liquidation or bankruptcy like THQ etc.), they also go all out with advertising. In Epics case, they learned the hard way that cross platform with the wrong publisher doesn't mean more success (Bulletstorm). In Cryteks case, Microsoft is the publisher for Ryse 2 because they own the IP...and yes, Project Grave and Ryse 2 are one and the same.

Q: The Division leads on Xbox One? Pull the other one!!

A: Yep, not just The Division but the next Assassins Creed (Unity) and The Crew. Ubisoft rebuilt their development pipeline for Snowdrop on Xbox One and development is just that much smoother, leading to the system acting as lead on several important Ubisoft games. This was to avoid the scaling back involved on other projects (Watchdogs downgradegate)

Q: Battletoads? Gimme a break.

A: Well...another Rare collaboration, I now know that the company working with Rare on this is....*drumroll*...............Ruffian Games.

Being UK based allows swift communication on the project and MS apparently liked their take on Streets of Rage Redux. BT will be out this holiday.

Q: Halo 5 Guardians. Spill it.

A: Chief goes renegade after *spoilers* he gets a brief message from Cortana post Halo 4 (no mention how she's still alive, only that she might yet be saved). She tells him he needs to go to the desert planet in the trailer. A Hyper Lethal Oni Agent (IT'S NOT PALMER) is dispatched to bring him in, with a platoon of Spartan IV's. They they discover a Didact-led master plan for evil and team up like Apollo on Rocky to take on MR T. 

Target Resolution= Ten. Eighty. Pea.

Q: Do you know CBOAT?

A: I know of the Neogaf Poster CBOAT. It's a shared account by a number of GAF members (including mods) that was jacked some time ago. The piss-poor spelling is a way to hide different grammer for different users. It's primarily used for click bait. 95% garbage, 5% genuine leak to maintain just enough credibility.

Q: OK, how can I get RugPuddle as my tag?
 A: This should suffice Hot Coldman

Q: You leaks must be BS because there's too much game!
A:  Microsoft realised long ago, you could lose BILLIONS on the hardware, or spend hundreds of millions on exclusives. The collapse of medium-sized publishers and enveloping of smaller development houses left a significant gap in the market.

Q: How come you didn't mention a price drop? 
A: It wasn't noted on the conference rundown. Evidently because it didn't make the shortlist.#

Q: Any news and info on the Sony conference?
 a: Plenty of info, not so much on the news.


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